Fuel the growth of your company with self-service business intelligence

Today, in the age of intelligence revolution, data management and analysis should be accessible to all. With Fidsy, every employee can confidently ask questions and receive answers from their company data without any complicated jargon or the need for extensive training.
Meet Fidsy, your easy-to-use conversational business intelligence assistant
Fidsy integrates seamlessly with all aspects of your organization, retrieving and analyzing data from multiple sources to simplify and accelerate your decision-making process. Experience real-time, jargon-free self-service insights that adapt to your preferences and departmental needs.
Voice-controlled convenience control
Talk to Fidsy using text or voice commands through client integrations such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, Skype or with smart devices like Alexa, enabling hands-free access to your data and insights.
The ChatGPT of business intelligence
With Fidsy, you don't need to be an analyst or data scientist. Fidsy converses with you like a human, providing answers to your questions and delivering actionable insights to propel your business forward. It combines various data sources and presents information in simple and plain language.
Enhance efficiency and reduce costs
Save time and money by reducing third-party communication and dependencies on data analysts and developers. Seamlessly integrate Fidsy into your internal reporting system and connect data from diverse business verticals while optimizing software, license and salary costs.

Integrate Fidsy into your company ecosystem with ease

Conversational intelligence on any device
Engage in natural language conversations with your data, asking questions and receiving instant insights. Connect and analyze data seamlessly from multiple sources using client integrations such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, Skype and Telegram.
Experience a revolutionary reporting solution with our Natural Language Collections
It's a self-service data dashboard that gives you complete control.
Select from pre-trained questions to create your own collections and enjoy captivating, jargon-free answers in a compelling storytelling format powered by natural language analysis
No Code
No-code application orchestration with Fidsy: Streamline your workflows
Manage and configure your domain specific functions effortlessly with Fidsy, ‘a fully managed code-free backend-as-a-service’ solution. Integrate seamlessly with your data and security pipelines, no coding required.
Choose the perfect solution for your needs
Buy all or individual products, white-labelled or integrated.