Imagine your business could talk.
What would you ask?

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Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Empower your teams and leaders with conversational business intelligence.
Data should speak your language, not the other way around.

Fidsy empowers management teams and leaders with instant access to insightful, actionable data

Say goodbye to jargon
No need for complex data queries, just ask questions in plain language and let Fidsy do the rest.
Real-time data analysis
Fidsy analyzes your data 24/7 for immediate, daily, weekly or monthly reporting.
Accessible & easy to use
Simply type your data-related question or speak through virtual assistants like Alexa.
The power of data, in your hands
Spend less time wrangling data and more time making business decisions.
Explore your data with voice-controlled analytics
Google Assistant Amazon Alexa

The benefits of using Fidsy

Cost Effective
Enterprise-level analytics at just a fraction of the cost. Fidsy is one of the most affordable business intelligence solutions available.
24/7 monitoring
Fidsy works around the clock so you don’t have to. Set alerts and notifications to make sure you’re on top of your data when you want to be, from anywhere.
Conversational analytics
Forget complex data queries, just ask in plain language. Save time and money by reducing your dependencies on data analysts and developers
Streamline your data
Fidsy streamlines your data sources so you spend less time waiting. Instantly access all your insights from sources like Google and Xero. Coming soon: Shopify, Facebook and more.
Fidsy works with virtual assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant, giving you unparalleled freedom to explore your data with voice-controlled business intelligence.
Get much-needed answers to critical business questions in an instant, accelerating your decision-making and giving you more time to interpret and understand your data.

Seriously easy to use

Fidsy speaks your language and answers your business questions in real-time, helping you achieve your goals faster
Connect your data silos in seconds.
Ask a question by typing or speaking.
Get answers and insights immediately.

Conversational data analytics for everyone


Fidsy integrates seamlessly with all aspects of your business, retrieving and analysing data from multiple sources to speed up and simplify your decision-making
Plug & Play
Google Analytics Xero
Using Google Analytics or Xero?
Get up and running in minutes with Fidsy.
Custom Integrations
Level-up your existing data sources with Fidsy. We’re on hand to provide bespoke data connectors for you and your team.
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