Pricing plans

Affordable pricing for cutting-edge technology: no upfront investment and credit card required.
For indiviuals and small teams
  • All datasources
  • Conversational assistant
    - 100 conversations per month
  • GPT Insights and Recommendations
    - 10 requests per month
  • Natural language dashboards
    - Max 2 collections
    - 5 cards per collection
  • Weekly and monthly digests
  • Report export
For indiviuals and teams
  • All datasources
  • Conversational assistant
  • GPT Insights and Recommendations
  • Natural language dashboards
  • Daily, weekly and monthly digests
  • Alexa integration
  • Messaging App integrations
    - Slack, Teams, Skype, etc.
  • Advanced reporting
  • Event monitoring & anomaly detection
  • Predictive analysis & forecasts
  • Report sharing, export and more...
Customized services for their needs
Everything in Unlimited
  • White-labelling
  • Custom datasource integration
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Single Sign On
  • Private cloud
  • On-premise deployment
  • Full Governance & Audit
  • Email & Phone Support
  • Professional Services & more..

Frequently asked questions

What is AI and natural language programming?
AI (Artificial Intelligence) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. Natural Language Programming (NLP) is a branch of AI that focuses on the interaction between computers and human language.
How do I use Fidsy?
Using Fidsy is easy and user-friendly. You can interact with Fidsy by typing your questions into the conversation bar or clicking on the microphone icon to speak them. Fidsy understands natural language, so you can ask questions in simple everyday language.
How can SMEs benefit from Fidsy?
Fidsy provides SMEs with a smart assistant that uses AI and NLP to analyze data from various sources, such as Google Analytics and Xero. It helps SMEs gain insights, automate data analysis, and make data-driven decisions more efficiently.
What are the advantages of using Fidsy as a smart assistant?
Fidsy acts as your smart assistant, offering benefits such as instant data connectivity, automated data analysis, real-time notifications, and compatibility with multiple devices. It works with your schedule and is not restricted to office hours.
How does Fidsy simplify data analysis for users?
Fidsy makes data analysis easy by providing human-like conversations and jargon-free analysis in a storytelling approach. You can ask questions using natural language, receive real-time actionable insights, and engage in dynamic conversations with Fidsy.
How does Fidsy help maximize ROI?
Fidsy helps save time and money by reducing the need for third-party communication. It provides access to enterprise-level analytics at a fraction of the cost, connects data from different business verticals, and reduces dependencies on data analysts and developers.
What makes Fidsy different from other business intelligence tools?
Fidsy stands out from other business intelligence tools due to several key features:
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): Fidsy utilizes NLP to enable easy and human-like interactions with the platform, making it accessible to all users, regardless of their data analysis experience.
  • Automated Data Analysis: With Fidsy's AI-driven automation, users can quickly get valuable insights without the need for manual data crunching.
  • Ease of Use: Fidsy is designed to be user-friendly, even for individuals and businesses with little to no experience in data analysis.
  • Affordability: Fidsy offers cost-effective plans, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can access powerful business intelligence tools.
What are the benefits of using Fidsy?
The advantages of using Fidsy include:
  • Instant Data Analysis: Fidsy provides real-time insights, allowing businesses to make informed decisions promptly.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface: Fidsy's user-friendly design makes it accessible to users with varying levels of data analysis expertise.
  • Affordability: Fidsy's pricing plans offer cost-effective access to powerful data analysis and AI-driven insights.
  • Natural Language Insights: Interacting with Fidsy using natural language makes it intuitive and hassle-free.
  • Improved Decision-Making: Access to timely and accurate data insights empowers businesses to make better decisions.
  • Multi-platform Accessibility: Fidsy seamlessly integrates with popular communication platforms like Skype, Telegram, Slack, and Microsoft Teams, ensuring data access wherever you are.
Can I add additional data sources to Fidsy?
Fidsy currently supports integrations with platforms like Google Analytics, Xero. While more integrations will be added in the future, it's advisable to check the Fidsy website or contact support ([email protected]) for the most up-to-date information.
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