Transforming the way you navigate data

Embrace innovation and seize opportunities in today’s dynamic business landscape. We understand your aspiration to make a meaningful impact while dealing with a busy schedule and limited resources. At Fidsy, we empower you to harness your data’s true potential.
Your smart assistant in your pocket
Instantly connect data from Google Analytics, Xero, and more.
Automate data analysis for smarter insights, no human interaction necessary.
Accelerate decision-making with real-time, daily, weekly, and monthly digests, along with notifications.
Works along with your schedule, all your smart devices and not restricted to office hours.
No upfront investment or training needed
Unlock the power of Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Natural Language Programming (NLP) with our affordable monthly subscriptions.
How to use Fidsy
Step-by-Step Guide: Lightning-fast insights in milliseconds
Connect your data
Effortlessly connect your data sources, seamless integration in just a few simple steps.
Ask your questions
Pose your questions using natural language, either by typing or speaking, and let Fidsy’s AI understand your intent.
Gain deeper insights
Fidsy securely retrieves the correct data from the relevant data sources, employing the analytical prowess of a Business Analyst and the expertise of a data scientist. It goes beyond mere charts, graphs, and numbers, by providing meaningful spoken guidance on what you should focus on.
Experience natural language interaction
Engage in dynamic conversations with Fidsy as it talks back to you in a jargon-free, natural language format. Enjoy the simplicity and clarity of the responses, making data analysis a breeze.
Instant results
Experience the speed of Fidsy as it processes your queries and provides actionable insights within milliseconds. Make informed decisions quickly and confidently.
Get started today
Data should speak your language, not the other way around. Start using Fidsy now!